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Web3.Storage is easy to use and integrate into your developer workflow, but we could all use a little help now and then. If you're having trouble getting started with or using Web3.Storage, or just want to get advice and support from a global community of deccentralized web builders, here's where to start.

Requesting more storage space

Need more space on Web3.Storage? Log into your account, visit your account page, and submit a request for more storage. The Web3.Storage team will get right back to you.

Questions and community discussion

Have a question about using Web3.Storage? Want to discuss problems, opportunities, or ideas for integrating Web3.Storage into your project or product? Join your peers in the developer community in the #web3-storage channel on Discord or Slack.

Bug reports or feature requests

Found a bug, or have a feature request for how to make Web3.Storage better? File an issue and make your voice heard.

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Last updated on 08/05/2022