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Decentralized Storage Made Simple

Build apps backed by Filecoin, no infrastructure required.

Why build on Web3.Storage?


Just download the library and start building! No infrastructure or DevOps required.


Build applications that are open by design. All data stored is accessible on the public IPFS network - interoperable with the tools and services building on the decentralized web.

Provable Storage

Automatically replicate your data across a network of storage providers. Verify the integrity of your data, enabled by Filecoin’s cryptographic proof system.


Store and retrieve data from Web3.Storage for free! See our About page for more details.

Decentralized Storage in 5 Minutes

Build applications with data persisted by Filecoin and available over IPFS. Get started in minutes with this simple interface.

Follow the Quickstart Guide
// Name the file `store.mjs` so you can use `import` with nodejs 
// Run `npm i web3.storage` to install this package
import { Web3Storage, getFilesFromPath } from 'web3.storage'

const token = process.env.API_TOKEN
const client = new Web3Storage({ token })

async function storeFiles () {
  const files = await getFilesFromPath('/path/to/file')
  const cid = await client.put(files)

// Now run it with 
// API_TOKEN=YOUR_TOKEN_HERE node ./store.mjs

Get Started with Web3.Storage

Storing data on open, public infrastructure shouldn’t be a battle.
Start building applications backed by Filecoin in 3 steps, it’s that easy.

1. Create an account

Sign up using your email address or GitHub handle and create your API Key.

2. Install the library

Grab the client library using NPM.

3. Start building

Read the docs and follow our guides to start building on Web3!