The easiest way to store data on the decentralized web.

Store your data using our simple API. It’s fast, open, and it’s free.

Store and retrieve with ease

Most decentralized storage services either need you to jump through hoops (like buying some cryptocurrency) or aren't truly decentralized.

With Web3.Storage, things are both easy-to-use and trustless! Upload any data via our API or our web UI for free. The data will end up on a decentralized set of IPFS and Filecoin storage providers.

1  // store.mjs
3 import { Web3Storage, getFilesFromPath } from ''
5 const token = process.env.API_TOKEN
6 const client = new Web3Storage({ token })
8 async function storeFiles () {
9 const files = await getFilesFromPath('/path/to/file')
10 const cid = await client.put(files)
11 console.log(cid)
12 }
Run it withnpm i API_TOKEN=YOUR_TOKEN node ./store.mjs

Web3.Storage is built for scale

Projects Worldwide
Join a global community storing data on web3
Stored Objects
Store data for free with our easy to use API or our JS library
Filecoin Storage Providers
Data is stored trustlessly across a growing network of storage providers via Filecoin

Why Web3.Storage?

With Web3.Storage you get all the benefits of decentralized storage technologies with the frictionless experience you expect in a modern dev workflow.


With Web3.Storage, you get decentralized storage in minutes. Use our simple client library or the HTTP API directly - all you need is a free API token.


All data stored is accessible on the public IPFS network via a content ID - interoperable with the tools and services building on the decentralized web.


Data is stored on the Filecoin network, which has a unique economic model and over 15 EiB of capacity, allowing us to offer Web3.Storage for free today. This storage is cryptographically provable by anyone!

Frequently Asked Questions

How is this free?

Web3.Storage offers a simple interface that allows users and developers to take advantage of the vast array of decentralized storage provided by the Filecoin network.

The unique economics of Filecoin allow Web3.Storage to be completely free to use, while still ensuring that storage providers have a strong incentive to preserve user data for the long term.

How is Web3.Storage different from NFT.Storage?
Both services are offered by the same group and share much of the same architecture, but as the name suggests, NFT.Storage is…
What happens if Web3.Storage is discontinued?
One major advantage of using Web3.Storage is its use of IPFS, making it easy to move to an alternative storage provider. All of your data…

Get Started with Web3.Storage

Choose your own way to store and retrieve using Web3.Storage. You can sign up for free using your email address or GitHub.
JS Client Library
npm install
Import the lightweight Web3.Storage library into your project, and enjoy a simple and familiar way to store and retrieve.
curl -X POST —data-binary “@foo.gif”
Test or build your project on any stack, using our easy-to-use HTTP API. Web3.Storage is as flexible as you need it to be.
Web App
Drop file to upload
Upload your files directly through our Web UI to debug and validate Web3.Storage’s use case for your project.

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