Under the hood uses UCANs (opens in a new tab) for trustless, local-first authorization, and is backed by the provable storage of IPFS (opens in a new tab) and Filecoin (opens in a new tab).

When it comes down to building your next application, service, or website, keeps it simple. You get all the benefits of decentralized storage technologies with the frictionless experience you expect in a modern dev workflow. All you need to use is a key-pair and your data.

Building a JavaScript or TypeScript app? see our guide to using w3up-client.

Feeling terminal? Jump in to our command line adventure to learn you the w3up for much win!

Get started by installing it from npm:

$ npm install -g learnyouw3up
$ learnyouw3up

screenshot of the w3up workshop menu (opens in a new tab)